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Discover the Magic of Petty Cash: Toronto’s Premier Billiards Bar Experience

Tucked just around the corner from the bustling King St and Portland in Toronto, Petty Cash offers an unparalleled upscale billiards experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this lively bar promises an evening filled with excitement, skill, and memories.

Beyond the cue ball, at Petty Cash

Billiards encompasses a spectrum of cue sports and games, each boasting its unique set of rules, strategies, and points systems that aficionados and novices alike can enjoy. When one steps into the eclectic and vibrant space of Petty Cash, they’re not just walking into another run-of-the-mill billiards bar; they’re entering a realm where the game of pool is celebrated in most of its forms.

Billiards at Petty Cash

At Petty Cash, guests are invited to chalk up their cue sticks and immerse themselves in the world of billiards, where the aim is not just to score the most points, but to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re engaging in a classic game of eight-ball or testing your precision in a strategic game of nine-ball, each shot is an opportunity to score points and lead the scoreboard.

The thrill of accumulating points in a tight game, the focus required to line up that perfect two points shot, and the satisfaction of outscoring opponents by racking up the most points; all these elements make every game at Petty Cash an exciting challenge. Grab your player’s cue ball and book your reservation at Petty Cash now to experience our pool tables!

More than just Billiards: An Experience at Petty Cash

But the experience doesn’t stop there; it’s about more than just the games and their points. It’s about the times you share with friends, the clinking of glasses, and the shared cheers as someone makes an impressive shot. It’s about the electric atmosphere that fuels each encounter, turning a simple game of billiards into a night to remember.

Petty cash provides a relaxed experience, so don’t hesitate to ask for the other cue ball : )

Moreover, Petty Cash takes pride in offering a billiard experience that caters to all levels. Whether it’s your first time holding a cue or you’re a seasoned player aiming to score two points or more to win, this establishment ensures that each game is accessible, enjoyable, and, most importantly, memorable. From the strategic placement of balls to score those crucial points to the friendly competition that evolves with each game, Petty Cash is the quintessential destination for billiards enthusiasts seeking both leisure and competition.

Finding the perfect neighbourhood Billiards association

Petty Cash’s commitment to providing a comprehensive billiards experience is reflected in their array of pool tables and game setups designed to keep track of points effortlessly, ensuring that each participant can focus on the game and their next move to accumulate those all-important points.

How it all racks up at Petty Cash Pool:

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to unwind with a casual game or get competitive and play for points, Petty Cash is the billiards bar where every game promises a blend of skill, strategy, and fun times. It’s not just about who scores the most points; it’s about the moments that lead up to that winning shot, making every game, and every visit, an event to remember.

Here is how games are played at Petty Cash:

Pocket Billiards:

Also known as straight pool, this is perhaps what many envision when thinking of billiards games. Variants like nine ball, 8 ball pool, and others are played on a billiard table with six pockets, using a set of colored balls and a white ball known as the cue ball. Where you alternate turns with an opposing player after the break.

Missing or “scratching” is when your cue ball makes contact with the wrong played color, the 8 ball or hits nothing at all, then it is your opponent’s turn. A successful shot is played when you sink the appropriate ball into a pocket without striking another ball (first) that belongs to your opponent.

Pocket Billiards - Petty Cash

English Billiards

Some games are played with designated pocket calls including other balls than the 8, depending on who you’re playing! This comes is usually predetermined by many players around the table and is often referred to as English billiards. Rules for scoring are usually communally agreed upon before the first player breaks. In English billiards you must call every action that your shot is going to take, while hitting the cue ball into your other balls first, before striking your opponents ball.

English Billiards - Petty Cash

The Pool table at Petty Cash

Our two pool tables are coin operated, so you don’t have to worry about a big hourly bill at the end of the night, providing everyone a chance to play pool as well. Many pool games are played with the winner going on against the next opponent. However doubles pool is highly encouraged to get the table engaged with teams. Whether you’re looking for a professional game or another round of fun billiard games, Petty Cash has you covered!

Our pool tables are played as first come first serve, so be sure to get there early to enjoy the tables! Reserve at Petty Cash and use the pool tables during your visit!

Snooker, The Red Ball, Carambole, and Carom Billiards

Snooker: Governed by the snooker control council, this game, popular in many countries, is an intricate ballet of strategy, where players use white balls to pocket a series of red and colored balls. Snooker is a game of strategy.

Carom Billiards: A game played predominantly with three balls, including a cue ball for each player and a red ball. The main objective? To hit your cue ball and the red one in the same shot. It’s a game of precision, strategy and a blend of pool games.

Carambole: Pool enthusiasts may be intrigued by the game of carambole, a fascinating billiard variant. In this enthralling game, players use two cue balls, each aiming to strike another ball, known as the object ball. The core challenge lies in maneuvering the cue ball skillfully, ensuring it contacts both the object balls in a single stroke. The thrill of a carambole game intensifies with each stroke, as players strive to avoid the disappointment of losing. Each ball on the table plays a pivotal role, adding to the game’s complexity and excitement. With a total of three balls in play, the word ‘ball’ echoes in the minds of players, symbolizing precision, strategy, and the fine line between triumph and losing in carambole.

Unfortunately Petty Cash does not offer snooker, the red ball, carambole, or Carom billiards, but we have some great tables for pocket billiards and different games including of course, pool! Grab your cue and a table!

The Red Ball - Petty Cash

Petty Cash’s Premier Equipment

One step inside Petty Cash, and you’re greeted by a range of pristine billiards tables. Each table, from the baulk cushion to its intricate pockets, is maintained to perfection, ensuring every shot is as smooth as the player’s cue ball movement. Cleaned meticulously, you can be sure your cue balls and the cue stick are providing the same shot by the ball on the same table every game.

The cue sticks available are top-notch, from the finely crafted cue tip to the balanced weight, ensuring every player – from novice to professional – feels confident in their shot at the table.

Premier Equipment - Petty Cash

Petty Cash Tables

Beyond functionality, the billiards tables at Petty Cash are a visual delight. The intricate woodwork, the gleaming surfaces, and the plush branded cushion and felt of the tables make them not just tools of the game but pieces of art. Each table is unique.

They beautifully complement the upscale ambiance of the bar, making each game and scoring feel like a luxurious experience. So take a break from dancing and drinking to enjoy a nice game of billiards on your favorite tables. With two different tables throughout the venue you can enjoy your next billiard game one pocket and one player at a time! With every scoring play, feel your group react to your billiard balls rip into the pocket.

Billiards Tables - Petty Cash

Billiards: A Global Affair

Billiards might have roots in Europe, but it’s enjoyed worldwide, from the bustling cities of South America to the tranquil towns of Asia. Petty Cash embraces this global spirit, offering games played with rules and styles adopted from across the world, under the regular rules for scoring 8 ball billiards.

Come explore the pool table, the pristine pocket, the top of the line cue and have fun with some of the arcade games that surround the interior of the venue. Point yourself toward any of the billiards games played and learn straight pool from some of the best players in the city. Every table is set for a player!

Billiards Global - Petty Cash

The Social Fabric of Petty Cash

Beyond the games, Petty Cash is a haven for those looking to socialize, relax, and indulge in some upscale fun. Whether you’re taking turns with an opposing player or discussing the intricacies of the billiards game, every evening here is an opportunity to learn, play, and make memories. From the bar to the pool table you can enjoy everything the King West Village offers and more. Follow our social media here for the newest updates to our billiards and nightlife experiences! Each evening at Petty Cash is more than just a night out—it’s an opportunity for learning, playing, and creating lasting memories. It’s not the Billiards Control Club, but Nestled in the heart of King West Village, Petty Cash embodies the area’s lively spirit, offering guests a chance to savor the full extent of its offerings. From the chic ambiance of the bar to the competitive thrill at the pool table, every aspect is designed to elevate your experience.

Social Fabric - Petty Cash

From the pool table, the cue ball and beyond find the perfect neighborhood experience to enjoy at Petty Cash. Whether you’re a fan of regular billiards, captivated by the strategy of English billiards, or just looking for a place to unwind, Petty Cash is the destination. Experience a blend of ambiance, skilled play, and top-notch equipment right at the heart of Toronto. So, the next time you’re around King St and Portland, make sure to stop by to play, drain a pocket point and strike a shot or two!

Reserve at Petty Cash today!

Finding The Best Bottles Of A Night - Petty Cash

Finding the Best Bottles: A Night at Petty Cash

Toronto’s King West is a boulevard of dreams for the city’s night owls. Stretching through the heart of downtown, it’s lined with iconic bars, clubs, and nightclubs. However, if you move just a half block up Portland Ave, you’ll discover Petty Cash, the crown jewel of King West’s nightlife. With a heated patio, bottle service, club and pub portions of the venue with billiards, you really get the best of both worlds!

A Haven for King West Bottle Service Enthusiasts

When it comes to bottle service, Petty Cash is unparalleled. Their selection boasts an impressive range of bottles – from premium liquors to wines that rival venues in uptown York. Each bottle is a testament to their dedication to providing the finest service in the city. But what makes bottle service at Petty Cash so much different from a party at any other King street nightclub?

The Premium Bottle Experience: At Petty Cash, the word ‘bottle service’ doesn’t just signify a table and a drink. It’s an experience your group won’t find in any of the clubs in Toronto. With nearly 50 varieties to choose from, patrons are spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a classic brand of bottle or an exotic blend, wine or beers their range has something for every palate and every table. With floors outside and downstairs you can enter into different worlds of the venue with a fantastic variety of atmospheres.

West Bottle Service - Petty Cash

Bottle Service Reservations & Booths:

Making bottle service reservations is a breeze. With our user friendly OpenTable system, you can book in advance, ensuring you get the prime spot. For those who crave a more intimate setting, the option of booking a private table awaits. For groups or a special date night, reserve your tables here!

Competitive Pricing & Promotions: Exceptional service doesn’t always mean exorbitant prices like the rest of Toronto. Petty Cash often runs promotions, with Thursday Doubles and live music making premium bottle service accessible to all. Check up on our social media here for the current deals!

Bottle Service Reservations - Petty Cash

Petty Cash: More Than Just a Bar

Petty Cash isn’t just another bar. It’s a local institution. The party mixes the best of a nightclub with a great selection of pricing for drinks provided you can view Toronto and all the street has to offer for your group! Petty Cash promises an ambiance that’s a fusion of a bar, lounge, and nightclub with billiards as well, there’s no reason to change venues, making it one great place to host your night your way. Need a breather from the club? Our heated patio offers the perfect escape. Just explore the number of our review results here! You can also review any gratuity or table questions with our support team at For an idea of what a Petty Cash bottle experience might entail, check out this video!

Bottle Service Booths - Petty Cash

Music & Vibes: The music at Petty Cash is eclectic. From chart-toppers to retro hits, the club ensures that everyone finds their groove the moment they enter.

Dress to Impress: While the dress code is sophisticated, it’s not stifling. It offers just the right balance between chic city fashion and relaxed Toronto elegance.

Party Packages: If you’re planning a party, Petty Cash has got you covered. With specialized party packages, group bookings, and a dedicated service team, your celebration is bound to be a hit. Learn more about our events here!

Party Packages - Petty Cash

King West’s Gem: Why Petty Cash Stands Out

Nestled a mere half block up Portland Ave, Petty Cash’s location is both strategic and scenic. The club overlooks the bustling streets of King West, at 487 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Ontario. Tucked right off the corner of King and Portland, you can feel the vibes of Saturday in Toronto.

Make Saturday yours with the best table bottle service offering on the street. With a heated patio from June until late October you can enjoy the street view from any table.

Tables & Lounges: The club boasts multiple rooms, each uniquely designed. Whether you prefer a table by the bar, a spot in the lounge, or a private booth, there’s a perfect place for everyone.

Reviews & Testimonials: A quick glance at reviews and you’ll notice a recurring theme: satisfaction. Patrons often rave about their experiences, highlighting the exceptional service, the wide number of bottles, and the vibrant atmosphere.

An Impressive Variety: Beyond bottles, the club also offers a wide number of drinks. Our bar is stocked with wines, spirits, and mixers. Our bartenders are trained to craft the tastiest drink, tailored to your preference.

Timely Service: One of the key highlights of Petty Cash is its impeccable service. From the moment you step in, to the time you depart, the staff ensures your service is exceptional.

Whether you’re here for a bottle, booth or just a quick drink at the end of the night our service and staff are here for any number of your requests. If you had a great experience don’t forget your gratuity 😉 and leave us you feedback here!


Getting The Most Of Your Night At Petty Cash

If you have a specific date in mind, especially a busy Saturday night, book in advance. Call us at (647) 560-2411 or find us on OpenTable here!

With its growing popularity on King West, Petty Cash often sees a full house. So be sure to lock in your order or bottle service booth and ensure the service and night are taken care of!

Before you book, it’s always a good idea to check the latest promotions. From discounted bottles to complimentary mixers, Petty Cash is always looking for ways to enhance your bottle experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can check our latest promotions on our social media here.

Embrace the Vibe: King is known for its vibrant bottle energy, and Petty Cash is no exception. Let loose, enjoy the music, and immerse yourself in the experience any other Toronto clubs can’t offer.

Engage with the Staff: The staff at Petty Cash are not only professional but also friendly. They’re well-versed with the bottle menu and can offer drink recommendations, ensuring you make the most of your purchase and your party.

Make your memories at Petty Cash!

King street in Toronto is a treasure trove of experiences. Amidst the glitz and glamour, Petty Cash stands out, not just as another bottle club or bar but as an local gem that promises an unforgettable night. From the extensive bottle service variety, mixers to the pulsating nightclub vibes, your booth encapsulates everything King street is renowned for.

If you’re on the hunt for great bottle service that combines luxury, ambiance, and top-notch service, look no further.

Whether it’s a casual night out with friends, a special bottle celebration, or just another Saturday on King West, Petty Cash guarantees a night worth remembering.

So, as the streets of Toronto come alive and the lights of King West beckon, remember there’s a spot just half a block up on Portland Ave that’s waiting to make your night exceptional.

See you at Petty Cash! Reserve now!